ANIMART in collaboration with Fougaro, present a three day screening event of animated short films from Greece and the rest of the world to the public of Nafplio.

The films that stood out and were awarded at the 10th International Athens Animation Festival 2015 as well as the O!PLA Animation Across the Borders —a panorama of short length animation films from Poland -which were awarded by the Polish public in 2014 and 2015- will be screened during an outdoor three day screening event at Fougaro so that visitors can become better acquainted with this extraordinary artistic universe!

The films that will be screened during the three day event trace modern aesthetic and thematic trends, the artistic pursuits of a new generation of artists and the development of techniques in the field of animation where the use of new technologies has contributed immensely to the final result.

Animation is the art of giving life to images, objects and characters – and is a set of techniques used for producing films based on creating the illusion of movement. Animation enables the creator to build a universe where reality arises from scratch and is a unique vehicle that communicates ideas and everyday concerns that goes beyond the boundaries of children’s entertainment.

Fougaro invites all of you to enjoy a unique anima-event in Nafplio! The program is recommended for adolescents and young adults.
Most of the films that will be screened do not include dialogues. Those that do will be accompanied by English language subtitles.

Fougaro would like to thank the Athens International Animation Festival and the awarded artists for their permission in screening of the films.

Asklipiou 98
Νafplio, Greece

T.: 27520 47300