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An online installation by Elena Dimopoulou.

(Paintings – Virtual Reality helmet for space tour) 
The installation consists of her paintings which cover all the walls of the space, the dimensions of which are adjusted as appropriate. The visitors wearing a helmet (VR) can wander and be left in a game mood. The space (3m x 5m) was designed to resemble the human brain. Inside the room, some speakers from which processed water sounds can be heard, contribute to the illusion of the existence of a water element. The main goal of the installation is the experience by the visitor-viewer of the sense of a virtual world, making it part of this transcendental environment, with its body and mind. The installation attempts to conceptually demonstrate how each participant through someone else's head, can "see" his thoughts.




~ Open the link only from a computer or laptop
~ Wait 60 seconds for it to load
~ Tap inside the box and get started
~ Move the arrow keys on the keyboard and move the player's camera
~ Mission 1 / goal - find the white box
~ Mission 2 / get out of the maze
~ There is no game over
~ When you want to stop press Esc and if you want to start from the beginning refresh the page.



Eleni Dimopoulou lives and works in Athens. The whole of her work consists of large installations of mixed materials, painting and New Media. She studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts.

In 2019, her work was presented at the 9th Biennale of Greek Schools of Fine Arts, where she won an award, as well as at the international festival XOUTH – Emerging Differences 78 Artists // 23 Countries.

A sample of her work has also been presented at the Platforms 2019, European Centre, Grigoriadis Gallery, Agia Paraskevi Municipality Center, while her participation in Documenta14 in collaboration with the Kunsthochschule Kassel and ZHdK Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, was funded by collectors' donations.

As an extension of her artistic and research practice, she designs and implements workshops for children, adults, teens, and kids with special needs, on issues of education with the help of virtual reality, in collaboration with agencies and institutes such as SKEP, Association of Social Responsibility for Children and Youth, North Museum, Best Buddies, Special Olympics, Athens Science Festival etc.

She has participated in educational programs, STEM, Athens Synthesis, le petit academia, as well as in children's competitions representing herself as a teacher with significant distinctions. (2nd place prize of the Children's Competition of the Museum of Cycladic Art).

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