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Official Selection


Afghanistan 2022
Duration: 02:24
Directed by: Sayeed Mohammed Syllab "Razmenda"
Screenplay: Sayeed Mohammed Syllab "Razmenda"
Animation: Sayeed Mohammed Syllab "Razmenda"
Technique: 2d Animation
Production/School: Airna
Dialogue language: English, Persian

This is the story of a man who lives in a polluted place and has suffered from smoke for years. He tries to reach the window that shows the other side of this place and has a green place in it, but The wind, which is the same fate here, does not allow him, but he reaches out, but in the end he remembers what they did with their city and with their own hands, and alas, he eats that green and beautiful city that now Forced to see only one scene, he has to be tortured so much.