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United States of America 2022
Duration: 07:48
Directed by: Zoe Bysal
Screenplay: Zoe Bysal
Animation: Audrey Rickman, Dejah Murray, Azlin Siddiqui, Elise Drennan, Zoe Bysal, Moira Haney, Esther Cho, Melanie Thoms, Marshall Degenhardt
Technique: 2d Animation
Music: Jaren Arena, Zoe Bysal
Production/School: Savannah College of Art and Design

A stray cat must rescue her friend from the depths of the Aegean Sea  Tavla follows the story of a stray cat named Kedi who befriends a young boy through the titular game. They bond as their friendship blossoms; finally finding a place she can call ‘home’. But when her happiness is snatched away by the sea, it’s up to her to win a life-saving game of tavla to win him back.