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Australia 2021
Duration: 03:11
Directed by: Kristy Cornell
Screenplay: Kristy Cornell
Animation: Eddie Spicer, Tyler Pickard, Pichvisoth Sok, Sopheaktra Phuk
Technique: 2D Animation
Music: Evie Dredge
Production/School: Swinburne University of Technology
Dialogue language: English

A goofy, but well-intentioned husband is at home with his pregnant wife when suddenly…the baby is coming! Immediately, the pair go on a speedy car race, flying and screeching around the streets as they fly and screech within the car. To the husband’s horror, a ginormous traffic jam has them skidding to a halt. Spotting an abandoned shopping trolley gives the husband a whacky idea. He zooms through the traffic with his wife in the trolley. Bizarre problems arise, but the husband won’t let any antics stand in his way. To avoid danger, he dives through the sky like Superman and inelegantly lands in the trolley with his wife. The pair shoot over the hills to the hospital where yet another challenge emerges. This time it’s a split screen showdown against other pregnant couples. The husband steps up to the plate, pulling out all the stops to get his wife to the delivery room first. Finally, the husband can breathe, because he safely gets his wife to the delivery room to have their baby.