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France 2021
Duration: 06:42
Directed by: Julien Jousse, Arthur Damiano, Vincent Hébrard, Léonard Haug, Antoine Thiaucourt, Hector Dao, Nathan Baussois
Screenplay: Julien Jousse
Technique: 3d Animation
Music: Victor Basier
Production/School: ARTFX

Christmas Eve 1916 on the Vosges frontline, a French soldier is sent to scout for an unknown object fallen from the sky in the no man’s land. He meets a German soldier near the crash spot. Out of the smoke, a huge silhouette walks and turns out to be Santa Claus, wounded by his accident. The soldiers decide to join efforts and fix the sleigh in order to save the gifts distribution. After accomplishing their mission, Santa leaves and the soldiers share a warm handshake before getting back to their tranches as cannons start to fire again in the valley.