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Hong Kong 2022
Duration: 04:29
Directed by: Chit Ng
Screenplay: Chit Ng
Animation: Chit Ng
Technique: 3D animation
Music: “Suspense scary – Original version” by Oak Studios
Production/School: Chit Ng / City university of Hong Kong
Dialogue language: English
Subtitles language: English

Floating City is a 3D animation inspired by the tense and busy life in Hong Kong. The story starts when the protagonist dies, whose ghost later flows around the floating city and peeps into the ‘normal’ life of Hong Kong people. The whole animation deliberately extracts the emotion of the people surrounding the protagonist to accentuate his marginalized situation, which is the norm for most people in the floating city. This animation criticises the impersonality of this society and the exploitation of labourers in this capitalist society.