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RICH BLUNDELL Philosopher, ecologist and scientist / USA

Curriculum Vitae:

Dr RICH BLUNDELL (Boston - MA, US) is a philosopher, ecologist and scientist. His research critically examines Big History phenomenology in a complex-systems perspective to explore how a lived-experience of the cosmic narrative can propagate through domains of individual identity, cognition, culture and biosphere. He is particularly interested in how this process can lead to systems-intelligence and help ameliorate the Anthropocene. The natural, scientific, cosmic, narrative (aka Big History) is an emerging field that seeks to reveal and explain the interconnections between Earth, Life and Humanity within a cosmic context. In his work he synthesizes the natural sciences, empirical studies in transformative experience, radical constructivism, narrative, enactivism, cultural concepts, tacit knowledge, second-order cybernetics, reflexivity, and communication theory into new theoretical frameworks and apply them through creative cultural practice.

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