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MIYU Company Production, Distribution, France

Curriculum Vitae:

Created in 2017, Miyu Distribution was born from the partnership between Luce Grosjean and her company Seve Films, and Miyu Productions. Specialized in international sales and distribution of animation short films, Miyu Distribution distributes the graduation films of leading animation school as well as films from independent production structures. Miyu Distribution is member of French Animation Film Assosiation (AFCA) UniFrance Films, Les femmes s’animent and PRIMI, Pôle Transmédia Méditerranée.



We would like to thank MIYU for conceding to us the films listed below, which will be showing at Animart 2018.



01. AMOEBA, 7’ 19’’

Denmark 2018

Directed by Pernille Kjaer

Screenplay: Pernille Kjaer

Animation: Pernille Kjaer

Technique: 2D / 2D computer animation

Set: Pernille Kjaer

Image: Pernille Kjaer

Sound designer: Sofie Birch, Astrid Fabrin

Music / Soundtrack: Sofie Birch, Astrid Fabrin


Dialogues: None


A journey into an ancient ocean where primitive lifeforms stir in the dark. A slow evolution from the very primitive single line to the more complex designs that swim and writhe to the rolling sounds of the deep.




02. KERLOSTER, 25’ 28’’

France 2016

Directed by Ombeline de la Gournerie

Screenplay: Ombeline de la Gournerie

Set: Edwige le Carquet

Image: Charlotte Marchal

Film Editor: Emmanuel Manzano

Music / Soundtrack: Charles Amblard

Castings: Ewen Gay, Pia Lagrange, Suzanne Audren de Kerdrel, Vincent Guillerm, Jean-Baptiste le Vaillant, Sarah-Megan Allouch

Production: Sève Films

Dialogues: French

Subtitles: English


A fifteen years old boy, Baptiste, lives in a village of Brittany with his older sister and brother since their parents death. He spends his day life working with a local cow farmer, Jean-Yves. Known for his talents as a vower, he one day receives the visit of a young girl who asks him to wish a person to death.




03. ON SMALL THINGS, 3’ 16’’

Denmark 2018

Directed by Pernille Kjaer

Screenplay: Pernille Kjaer

Animation: Pernille Kjaer

Techniques: 2D / 2D computer animation

Set: Pernille Kjaer

Image: Pernille Kjaer

Sound designer: Pernille Kjaer

Music / Soundtrack: Iancu Dumitrescu, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Vincent Persichetti, Thomas Tallis

Production: The Open Workshop

Dialogue: None


An exercise in distilling shape, color and form to its essence. A close up view of the seemingly small things that form the foundations of all things.




04. TEU vol.1, 8’

Denmark 2017

Directed by Lasse Smith

Screenplay: Lasse Smith

Animation: Lasse Smith

Techniques: 3D Computer animation

Image: Lasse Smith

Film Editor: Lasse Smith

Sound engineer: Maiken vibe Bauer

Sound editor: Maiken vibe Bauer

Mix: Adrian Aurelius

Soundtrack: Andreas Pallisgaard

Dialogues: None


TEU vol.1 is the first chapter in a trilogy about mankind in the container-age and globalization. The logistics of containerization is so complex, that when seen from afar it could be an organism of its own. An organism that is shaping the world as we know it and whose sense of purpose is proportional to man’s fascination of growth and consumption.

With TEU, Director, Lasse Smith tries to convey new meaning through animation as a documentaristic and poetic medium.





Denmark 2018

Directed by Pernille Kjaer

Screenplay: Pernille Kjaer

Animation: Pernille Kjaer

Technique: 2D / 2D computer animation, 3D stereoscopic

Set: Lars Hemminsgen

Image: Pernille Kjaer

Special effects: Lars Hemminsgen

Film Editor: Pernille Kjaer

Rendering: Lars Hemminsgen

Sound designer: Sofie Birch

Mix: Sofie Birch

Music / Soundtrack: Sofie Birch

Production: The Open Workshop

Dialogues: None


In an alternate reality, a two dimensional character explores a three-dimensional landscape and discovers something unsettling behind a curtain.




06. YELLOW LINE, 14’

France 2017

Directed by Simon Rouby

Screenplay: Simon Rouby

Music: Pablo Pico

Montage Son: Yan Volsy

Mixage Son: Sébastien Cabour

Etalonnage: Baptiste Evrard

Images additionnelles: Lennart Selle

Montage additionnel: Thomas Hardouin, Jean-baptiste Alazard

Production: Miyu Productions (FR)

Distribution: Miyu Distributions (FR)


A flight over the desert leads us to an intriguing encounter: a highway, splitting the landscape. In its center, a bright, dazzling yellow line.

Following this line, we find machines that roam across the veins and arteries of Los Angeles. Tirelessly, they paint, and repaint the line, in an endless roundabout.

We slowly discover a gigantic city spreading over the world, picturing a system, which, beyond its flaws, is still able to generate fascinating material, almost unwillingly.









Pernille Kjær is an independent animation filmmaker and artist, born 1989 in Copenhagen Denmark, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in character animation. She also studied at the Academy of Fine Arts (Det Jyske Kunstakademi) in Århus, Denmark.

Since graduating from The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark in 2015 she has made a number of short animated films and other film and art related projects, combining animation, art and music. She has worked closely with the composers and sound designers Sofie Birch and Astrid Fabrin, amongst other things on a large-scale video and sound art installation, named Oden til Kloden. In between working on her own projects Pernille also works as an animator on other film projects such as Solar Walk created by the Hungarian director Reka Bucsi.





Sofie Birch is a sound artist & composer working from Copenhagen, Denmark.

She graduated from Sonic College in 2015 and has ever since worked within different fields of sound and music. She has wide experience with sound works for animations and from this she also started the artist collective Kai Oke – a collaboration between three artists making installation art combining animation, music, live performances and art spaces.

Sofie is currently active with the solo project Birch which sends her around playing live shows. As part of Pomfrit Sound Wørks she works with her partner Asbjørn Derdau on both sound and music compositions for film and cinema.





Ombeline studied at the Beaux Arts de Paris where she explored, photography and video. As a live-action filmmaker and a photographer she likes working on the themes of adolescence, the family, the campaign and its beliefs. Kerloster is her first film.





Lasse Smith is born in 1983 and has developed his artistic approach through experimental animation productions around the planet. From his studio in Copenhagen he works as an independent animation artist. TEU is his first film in a poetic trilogy on globalized society.




Simon Rouby, born in 1980 in Lyon, France, took his first artistic steps as a graffiti artist 10 years ago. He then accessed other mediums such as painting and sculpture. From this background he studied animated film directing, first in Gobelins, Paris then in CalArts, Los Angeles. He graduated in 2007 with two shorts, BLIND SPOT, and LE PRESAGE. Both have been shown in many festivals: Cannes, Clermont Ferrand, San Diego, Bucarest, Ottawa, Taiwan. His short film LA MARCHE was produced by Naïa in 2010, and was screened in various international events. In 2015 his animation feature ADAMA was screened at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival.


- 2015 ADAMA, Long métrage d’animation, 85’, Animation (Naïa Productions)

Prix & Distinctions:

Nommé au César du meilleur Film d’Animation

European Film Awards 2015 - Shortlisted in the 3 Best European Films of 2015

Chicago Int. Children Film Festival: BestFilm, Liv Ullmann Peace Prize,

Leucate, Voix d’étoiles, France 2015: Best Sound track, Best Male Voice (Azize Diabate)

Festival d’Annaba du Film Méditerranéen, Algérie 2015 - Best Script

Gijon Film Festival 2015: Special Jury Prize

Anim’est Bucarest 2015: Best Feature Film

Selection Officielle (extrait):

Festival International du film d’animation d’Annecy 2015 - Official selection, Competition

San Sebastian, 2015 - Official selection, Zabaltegi

BFI London film festival 2015 - Official selection, Family

Chicago International Film Festival 2015 - Official selection, World Films

Busan BIFF South Korea 2015 - Official selection, Competition

Ottawa OIAFF 2015 - Official selection, Competition

Stockholm IFF - Official selection, Migrations Spotlight

Mumbai Film Festival, India 2015 - Official selection, Children Competition

- 2010 LA MARCHE, Court métrage, 3’, Animation (Naïa Productions) - Festival International Très Courts Paris 2010, Festival International des arts vidéo Marseille 2010, Festival International d’animation de Vilnius Lituanie 2011, Streetlab Festival Amsterdam 2011, 23èmes instants numériques...

- 2007 LE PRÉSAGE, Court métrage, 5’, Animation (Calarts) - Calarts Producer Show 2007, Animest Bucharest 2009, Clermont-Ferrand 2009, Meilleur film d’animation au Lucca film festival 2009

- 2007 BLINDSPOT, Court métrage, 3’, Animation (Gobelins) - Festival de Cannes Cinéfondation 2008, Siggraph 2008, Meilleur Film à Anima Mundi 2008 São Paulo, Bourse Lagardère/Fondation de France 2007


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