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Opening: 26-07-2019 21:00
Duration: 40'
Venue: Lazaros Koundouriotis Historical Mansion


The actrees Nadia Mourouzi reads some excerpts from Christoforos Christofis's famous novel "Rosa, The Dream", on which his movie "Rosa" was based.

Musical Intervantions by Nikos Platanos (accordion)



Lyrics: Christoforos Christofis

Music: Eleni Karaindrou

First version: Maria Farantouri


My name is Rosa

I am the song of the soul

above the rooftops of the houses,

beyond the wind.


I wanted to change the world.

And I became the song,

in order to save the dream,

beyond the wind.


My father told me:

"Rosa, you are the storm!"

My mother told me:

"Rosa, you are the cloud!"

My brothers shouted to me:

"Rosa, you are the Revolution!"


And I became Rosa,

in order to save the dream.

And I loved much,

I believed much.


I don't belong to this world anymore.

My name is Rosa.

My name is Rosa.

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