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Maria Frangi Director, Special Teaching Staff of the Department of Theatre Studies, University of Patras

Curriculum Vitae:

Maria Frangi, PhD Theater Studies, Director , Special Teaching Staff of the Department of Theatre Studies-University of Patras 

Born in Athens. Graduated from the Faculty of Letters- University of Athens in 1986. Since 1987 - postgraduate studies in  literature and theater studies in Paris. PhD of Letters and Human Sciences- specialization in Performing Arts-THEATER,  from the University PARIS X-NANTERRE (1996). Directed professional and amateur theater companies, taught theater (theory and practice) at the University of Crete, at the National University of Athens, University of Patras and many training programs . Postdoctoral research and courses at the postgraduate program (Master2)  at the University of Sorbonne-Paris IV and other Universities. As Director of the Greek Cultural Center in Cairo she founded and directed the publication "PAPYROI" n.1-8 (2007 -2010). Participated in the program MELINA ,  in creating the Cross Curriculum Program for the Theatre ( 1998 & 2015) , the Curriculum for the Culture & Arts of the New School (Pedagogical Institute - 2010) and the Major Program of training Educators (Arts in education) (2011). Author of the "Theatrical Education for Primary School" Pedagogical Institute, 2006 and of the book «Practicing theatre/drama at school", 2011.




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