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Programme 2

Sunday 10/07/2022 19:00 - 20:00 EEST - Animart Festival 2022 Official Screening
Monday 11/07/2022 07:00 - 08:00 EEST - Animart Festival 2022 Replay Screening
Total Duration: 00:57:51

  1. MOTHER 05:46
  2. Israel 2020
    Directed by: Gal Kinan
    Screenplay: Gal Kinan
    Animation: Gal Kinan
    Technique: 3d animation
    Music: Urich Ganga, Buda Musique
    Production/School: Gal Kinan

    On the evening of Independence Day lonely Solomon stands, lost in thought, on Hahagana Bridge next to the Tel Aviv central station. As the fireworks die down a vision in the sky with him as a baby and his mother appears and for a short moment, he is transported back to his childhood.

  3. EYES AND HORNS 06:15
  4. Germany 2021
    Directed by: Chaerin Im
    Screenplay: Chaerin Im
    Animation: Chaerin Im
    Technique: object animation, 2D, stop-motion photography, printmaking laser cut
    Music: Karie Jacobson, Drew Kowalski
    Production/School: Fabian&Fred
    Dialogue language: No Dialogue

    Exploration of masculinity begins with the Minotaur, a mythical creature Picasso used to portray himself in his etching print series. The Minotaur goes through a violent struggle between being male and female. Finally, lines blur and boundaries of sexes disappear.

  5. VOID DREAM 04:16
  6. China 2022
    Directed by: Wren Wang
    Screenplay: Wren Wang
    Animation: Wren Wang
    Technique: 2D digital animation
    Music: Yilan Bao
    Production/School: East China Normal University
    Dialogue language: Chinese

    I asked a blind aunt: Do you go out when you're not working? She said: "No, why go out when you're like this? I'm jealous of those who can see. Combining my own feelings and memories of night blindness and darkness, I attempt to empathise with this blind aunt in the form of a dream in which those feelings of powerlessness, loneliness, weightlessness, emptiness, ambiguity and rustling  , regardless of our identity, ordinary we are all living ordinary lives in our own way. 

  8. United Kingdom 2021
    Directed by: Alexandra Lappa
    Animation: Alexandra Lappa
    Technique: Digital 2D animation
    Music: Emma Jackson
    Production/School: Bath Spa University // School of Design
    Dialogue language: English

    Two friends, Juno and Harlem, set off on a long adventure to collect the first item for the scavenger hunt they are taking part in. They travel for hours through deep valleys and vast forests, encountering magnificent places they have never visited before. Upon arrival at their first destination, they are greeted by an unexpected individual followed by an even more confusing addition to their party.

  10. Israel 2021
    Directed by: Asa Rikin, Noga Sirota
    Screenplay: Asa Rikin, Noga Sirota
    Animation: Asa Rikin, Noga Sirota
    Technique: Stop motion animation, Drawing on glass animation, 2d animation, Found footage replacement animation
    Music: Lior Soltz
    Production/School: Asa Rikin, Noga Sirota
    Dialogue language: Hebrew
    Subtitles language: English and Hebrew

    A non-narrative animated film of mixed media that deals with human systems and the animal self repressed within it. Ever since becoming conscious the human race has moved away from its animal nucleus by social mechanisms it has developed, these guard and protect it but also oppress and make it miserable. Thus man reaches a breaking point, abandons his clothing, his values and everything he perceived as sacred and goes on for a beastly and passionate celebration.

  11. THE LUGGAGE ROOM / Un cuarto de equipaje 06:41
  12. Spain 2021
    Directed by: Daniela Cuenca
    Screenplay: Daniela Cuenca, Paula Tinoco
    Animation: Javier Planells, Daniela Cuenca, Daniel Ruperez, Sergio Ciborro
    Technique: 3d Computer Animated
    Music: Warax
    Production/School: Máster de Animación UPV
    Dialogue language: Spanish

    Soledad, a 65-year-old immigrant, fills a suitcase with gifts to send her family, as she embarks on a journey of fantasies and memories about her loved ones and the countless objects she has accumulated for them in a mountain of baggage inside her small room.

  14. Australia 2021
    Directed by: Joshua Surin
    Screenplay: Jared Zardilla
    Animation: Mingxuan Zhu, Jiawei Hong, Chengwei Zhang, Jared Zardilla, Joshua Surin
    Technique: 2D Animation
    Music: Karima Dillion
    Production/School: Jared Zardilla
    Dialogue language: Japanese

    An aloof high-school student meets a girl, who brings about a care-free energy to his live. Yet, her existence is temporary: magically linked to a fading star. As her impending disappearance draws near, both grow determined to resist fate.

  15. ABSENCE / Ausência 03:00
  16. Brazil 2020
    Directed by: Alexia Araujo
    Screenplay: Alexia Araujo
    Animation: Alexia Araujo
    Technique: Digital 2D
    Production/School: Alexia Araujo
    Dialogue language: Portuguese
    Subtitles language: English

    Helena only feels the presence of one thing: the absence of Marília.

  17. EAT, ATE... 05:00
  18. Iran 2021
    Directed by: Shidokht Dezham Shahabi
    Screenplay: Shidokht Dezham Shahabi
    Animation: Shidokht Dezham Shahabi
    Technique: Digital 2D
    Music: Mohammad Hadi Majidi
    Production/School: Shidokht Dezham Shahabi/ Tehran University of Art

    In the search for his mother during an Iranian wedding ceremony, the little lamb learns about food customs around the world...

  19. HIDING 04:20
  20. United Kingdom 2021
    Directed by: Tom Carey
    Screenplay: Tom Carey
    Animation: Tom Carey, Michalis Nicolaou, Ruari Chisholm, Linjie Yao, Ying Zeng
    Technique: Stop-motion with puppets, CGI
    Music: Scott Alan
    Production/School: Arts University Bournemouth
    Dialogue language: English
    Subtitles language: English

    A young boy named Will is starting to come to terms with his sexuality. When his friends start to put pressure him to admit things that he’s not ready to share, Will has to learn the hard way that true acceptance won’t come from anyone else, but himself.

  21. CHECKPOINT 05:50
  22. United Kingdom 2021
    Directed by: Jana Kattan
    Screenplay: Jana Kattan
    Animation: Jana Kattan, Jesse Rist, Clara Cornish, Declan Crutchfield, Henry McLaughlin, Zeina Abu-Zayed
    Technique: 2D handdrawn digital
    Music: Haytham Safia
    Production/School: Arts University Bournemouth
    Dialogue language: Arabic, Hebrew
    Subtitles language: English

    Set in the occupied territory of modern-day Palestine, known as the West Bank, Checkpoint follows 11-year-old Leila, who wakes up before dawn every morning to try to get to school on time. Her obstacle is the military occupation of her environment, specifically, the notorious checkpoint she must cross every day to get to her school. Despite Leila’s best efforts to prepare, she cannot control the seemingly endless queue, or the strong possibility she will be randomly denied access to the other side. 

  23. DEEP 04:03
  24. China 2021
    Directed by: Ying Wu
    Screenplay: Ying Wu
    Animation: Ying Wu
    Technique: 3d Animation
    Production/School: YING WU / CHUNGANG UNIVERSITY
    Dialogue language: English

    The volcano heap was full of precious stones. A greedy bird is counting his collection. Unfortunately, the volcano suddenly broke out, and both birds and gems fell into it. I wonder what choice the bird made between hope and desire, whether to fly high in the sky or stay in the volcano to guard the gems.