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Israel 2021
Duration: 07:44
Directed by: Asa Rikin, Noga Sirota
Screenplay: Asa Rikin, Noga Sirota
Animation: Asa Rikin, Noga Sirota
Technique: Stop motion animation, Drawing on glass animation, 2d animation, Found footage replacement animation
Music: Lior Soltz
Production/School: Asa Rikin, Noga Sirota
Dialogue language: Hebrew
Subtitles language: English and Hebrew

A non-narrative animated film of mixed media that deals with human systems and the animal self repressed within it. Ever since becoming conscious the human race has moved away from its animal nucleus by social mechanisms it has developed, these guard and protect it but also oppress and make it miserable. Thus man reaches a breaking point, abandons his clothing, his values and everything he perceived as sacred and goes on for a beastly and passionate celebration.