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Programme 7

Monday 11/07/2022 18:00 - 19:00 EEST - Animart Festival 2022 Official Screening
Tuesday 12/07/2022 06:00 - 07:00 EEST - Animart Festival 2022 Replay Screening
Total Duration: 00:57:40

  1. THE POTTER'S DAUGHTER / La fille du potier 08:52
  2. France 2021
    Directed by: Edern Guichard
    Screenplay: Edern Guichard
    Animation: Edern Guichard
    Technique: charcoal on clay, claymation
    Music: Mathieu Dethoor
    Production/School: Cecile Proust
    Dialogue language: French
    Subtitles language: English

    A potter's daughter sneaks into her father's workshop at night to draw the outline of her shadow on a wall. Her drawing comes to life. When the potter discovers them, he becomes so furious that he locks his daughter in one of his pots. She grows old and shrivels up... until she regains freedom of movement ?

  3. RETROSPECT 05:09
  4. China 2022
    Directed by: Cui Yang
    Screenplay: Cui Yang
    Animation: Cui Yang
    Technique: Cui Yang
    Music: Cui Yang
    Production/School: Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
    Dialogue language: English
    Subtitles language: Without subtitles

    It tells a story about the destruction of dunhuang frescoes by the protagonist Xiaosofa. With the butterfly as the clue, it describes the small sand from timid to brave mentality change. Xiao Sha tries to restore the patterns of dunhuang murals and restore everything with her ability to protect dunhuang culture with her ability.

  5. GO SKI 05:16
  6. Israel 2021
    Directed by: Shaked Hyman
    Screenplay: Shaked Hyman
    Animation: Shaked Hyman
    Technique: Stop Motion
    Music: Leora Landzbaum
    Production/School: Shaked Hyman / Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design
    Dialogue language: No Dialogue

    Tamar is a 25 years old young woman who is riding in a skilift chair in an endless loop. By not going down to ski with the others, she's choosing to stay on the sidelines. Her solitude is broken when a stranger chooses to sit beside her, and Tamar gets a chance to contemplate what she really wants.

  7. DEAR MOON 07:00
  8. Korea, Republic of 2021
    Directed by: Goeun Han, Soohyeon Park, Soohyun Park, Soohyeong Park, Yujin Lee, Nayoung Ha
    Screenplay: Goeun Han, Soohyeon Park, Soohyun Park, Soohyeong Park, Yujin Lee, Nayoung Ha
    Technique: 3D Computer Animated
    Production/School: Kaywon University of Art & Design
    Dialogue language: No Dialogue

    It's about Mari, who lived alone in the forest, meeting Jia and waiting for her to meet.

  9. BLUMENTANZ 05:20
  10. Taiwan 2022
    Directed by: Raito Low
    Screenplay: Raito Low
    Animation: Raito Low
    Technique: experimental object animation
    Music: Schumann Frauenliebe und Leben, Op.42
    Production/School: National Taiwan University of Arts
    Dialogue language: German
    Subtitles language: English, Chinese

    Experimental object animation based on from Robert Schumann, using about 60 plants as female symbols to symbolize the original state of love. The growth of leaves and flowers is likened to a woman's journey of love.Visualize the psychological changes of women in love, let us see the possibility of love, explore and find the love of a lifetime.

  11. KEVIN'S DINER 12:39
  12. Peru 2021
    Directed by: Samantha Solis
    Screenplay: Samantha Solis, Joseph Aragones
    Animation: Ana Cristina Mejía, José Diego Bravo
    Technique: 2d Animation
    Production/School: KC Procuctions
    Dialogue language: English

    Kevin's Diner is running out of customers and chefs. Gnorts and Wisk, two cleaning employees take on the role of cooks to save the restaurant from going out of business.

  14. United States of America 2022
    Directed by: Vicky Xingyu Gu
    Screenplay: Vicky Xingyu Gu
    Animation: Vicky Xingyu Gu
    Technique: 2D digital animation, paper cutout, painting on paper
    Music: Matthew O'Connor
    Production/School: University of Southern California
    Dialogue language: Mandarin Chinese
    Subtitles language: English

    Several years after her grandfathers had passed away, a young woman recollects her memories of them.

  15. THE SUN 06:35
  16. Czech Republic 2021
    Directed by: Jakub Brokl
    Screenplay: Jakub Brokl
    Animation: Jakub Brokl
    Technique: 3d Computer Animated
    Music: Leona Vyhnalkova
    Production/School: Tomas Bata University in Zlin

    The story follows a little boy, who lives on a planet with no sunlight. Despite this fact, the boy decides to find the Sun. He and his little dog travel to the peak of the great mountain. According to the fairy tale book, the Sun is right there. But on the peak of the mountain lays only an unpleasant surprise. The boy finds himself in a danger, and he must face it.