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China 2022
Duration: 03:07
Directed by: Yuanyuan Lu
Screenplay: Yuanyuan Lu
Animation: Yuanyuan Lu
Technique: 2D digital animation
Music: Theodore Quey, Yuanyuan Lu
Production/School: School of Visual Arts
Dialogue language: English

A man is sitting in a narrow living room and reading a book. There is a sofa, a box filled with various stuff and a ceiling lamp in this room. The lamp lightens the room. However, the bulb is broken without warning. The man is shocked and tries to find a new bulb in the box in the darkness. After a search, he finds something that has a similar shape and plugs it into the lamp. However, after the room becomes lightened again, he notices that the thing he finds is actually a lemon but can be used as a bulb somehow. The space lightened by the lemon becomes a lemon tree woods, which becomes the start of his adventure.