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United States of America 2022
Duration: 05:30
Directed by: Jenielle Ramos Salarda
Screenplay: Jenielle Ramos Salarda
Animation: Morgan Groves, Lillian Lee, Meiya Lim, Sonja Matienzo, Lynn Nguyen, Jenielle Ramos Salarda
Technique: 2d Animation
Music: Spencer-Felix Almirol
Production/School: Lillian Lee / San Jose State University
Dialogue language: English, Tagalog
Subtitles language: English, English-Tagalog

Reyna is a 2D animated short film about Vina, this year's lead Queen in the Santacruzan festival, who struggles to get ready after members in the community make negative comments about her appearance. Joy, Vina's supportive sister, helps her to get ready and encourages Vina to embrace herself as she is by discussing the historical context and origin of these harmful comments before leading the festivities.