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Brazil 2021
Duration: 08:27
Directed by: Victória Silvestre
Screenplay: Mariana Addor
Technique: 2d Animation
Production/School: Julie Herck / FAAP

In a nursing home lives Nick, a cat known for predicting the death of the elderly every time he lays in front of their bedroom doors. One night, he's asleep in front of Dona Socorro (a 94 year old charming lady)'s door. When Dona Socorro shows up very much alive the next day, Nick, confused, questions himself: how could he have gotten it wrong? Outraged, he decides to correct his mistake and gets on a mission - to kill the old lady. During one of his many tries, something goes wrong and Nick and Dona Socorro end up exchanging bodies. Now Nick needs to learn how to live in an elderly body and deal with all it's difficulties.