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Programme 10

Thursday 14/07/2022 18:00 - 19:00 EEST - Animart Festival 2022 Official Screening
Friday 15/07/2022 06:00 - 07:00 EEST - Animart Festival 2022 Replay Screening
Total Duration: 00:57:32

  1. MISE EN PLACE 11:11
  2. Brazil 2022
    Directed by: Pedro Rigamonti de Mello
    Screenplay: Pedro Rigamonti de Mello, Tiago Souza, Arthur Afonso
    Animation: Arthur Alfonso
    Technique: 2d Animation
    Production/School: Caio Parente Boyadjian /FAAP
    Dialogue language: English, Portuguese

    Cadu’s life is bland. One day, his parents deliver him the key to the house of his deceased grandma. There, he finds inspiration to find some “flavor” in his life.

  3. CATASTROPHE / Miado 08:27
  4. Brazil 2021
    Directed by: Victória Silvestre
    Screenplay: Mariana Addor
    Technique: 2d Animation
    Production/School: Julie Herck / FAAP

    In a nursing home lives Nick, a cat known for predicting the death of the elderly every time he lays in front of their bedroom doors. One night, he's asleep in front of Dona Socorro (a 94 year old charming lady)'s door. When Dona Socorro shows up very much alive the next day, Nick, confused, questions himself: how could he have gotten it wrong? Outraged, he decides to correct his mistake and gets on a mission - to kill the old lady. During one of his many tries, something goes wrong and Nick and Dona Socorro end up exchanging bodies. Now Nick needs to learn how to live in an elderly body and deal with all it's difficulties.

  5. A JAR OF HOPE / Langit-Langit Toples Kaca 07:54
  6. Indonesia 2021
    Directed by: Jason Tirtanegara
    Screenplay: Diana Tanamas
    Animation: Jason Tirtanegara, Diana Tanamas, Kenen Andrian, Regina Sapurta
    Technique: Digital 3D Animation
    Production/School: Multimedia Nusantara University
    Dialogue language: Indonesian
    Subtitles language: English and Indonesian

    Yana got engaged with Adrian at an early age because of financial difficulties in her family. The couple had a female baby called Anya. Even when Yana has become a young mother, Yana still preserves the dream she held so dearly: to continue her study at school. She secretly earns some money by selling her handmade woven bags. She saves the money inside a glass jar which she hides behind a mirror inside her room. Her dream of continuing education manifests itself as a mirror reflection; herself wearing a school uniform.  One day, Anya gets sick overnight. In the morning, Yana braves herself and asks Adrian for Anya’s medication. Adrian refuses to pay for Anya’s treatment. Accidentally, a coin falls from Anya’s hand and rolls on the floor, approaching the mirror. Adrian finds out about the glass jar behind the mirror. He becomes enraged and abuses Yana for secretly saving money for herself.  An injured Yana sits hopelessly in silence. She begins to doubt herself for not using her money to save Anya. She reminisces about her past and faces an internal clash between her dream and her love for Anya. Finally, she decides to use her hard-earned money to treat Anya’s sickness.

  7. SHARK BEAT 02:09
  8. United States of America 2022
    Directed by: Chelsea Alexandra Schrett
    Screenplay: Chelsea Alexandra Schrett
    Animation: Chelsea Alexandra Schrett
    Technique: 3D Computer Animated
    Music: Qsonics Ltd. - Drew White
    Production/School: Ringling College of Art and Design
    Dialogue language: English

    "Shark Beat" is a short animated film with a story about a shark who's just trying to make fish friends at school, but every time he takes a step, a JAWS-like theme song plays and scares all the fish away. Through different attempts of the shark trying to fix his situation by walking slower, backwards, or faster, nothing does the trick and all the different groups of fish continue to flee away in fear. Getting so angry that none of his attempts are working, the shark tantrums, and crashes through the floor into the room below, disrupting a group of fish's band rehearsal. Already knowing nothing will work to shake their fear before they flee, the shark starts to leave the room until he is called out by the conductor fish unexpectedly. After a few exchanges of communication back and forth, the shark soon realizes the conductor's genius idea of encouraging the band fish to play along to the menacing shark tune. Soon, the shark is greeted to the top of the band stand, and along with all the other band fish, they all play in perfect, happy harmony into the end scene.

  9. SINESTESIA 06:18
  10. Argentina 2021
    Directed by: Maximo Achinelly
    Screenplay: Maximo Achinelly
    Animation: Maximo Achinelly
    Technique: 2d Animation
    Music: Alejandro Gunkel
    Production/School: Primera Escuela De Arte Multimedia Da Vinci
    Dialogue language: Spanish

    Lily and the rest of the City become fans of the Greatest Musician, Murdock, rising him to fame. But when he retires, Who in the City will leave the role of spectator to become an artist?

  11. PANDORA 04:04
  12. Taiwan 2022
    Directed by: YANCANG LI
    Screenplay: YANCANG LI
    Animation: YANCANG LI
    Technique: Maya、Illustrator、Photoshop、After Effects、Premiere、Media Encoder
    Music: CIANRU YANG. Department of Applied Music, TNNUA.
    Production/School: Tainan National University of the Arts
    Dialogue language: NO
    Subtitles language: NO

    Pandora's Box in ancient Greek mythology is the mysterious box given to Pandora by Zeus. The box contains not the duality of good and evil, but the signs and omens of the world. It symbolizes the social trend and cultural evolution that keep pace with the times, and heralds a hunch about the future, perhaps despair, or hope. In any case, it is up to the user himself. Through the combination and presentation of composite media, I exaggerate and concretize every deep-rooted thought and behavior under the trend of digital society. At night, the sky throws countless black boxes into everyone's hands. Those who are driven by curiosity and try to open boxes seem to have experienced a journey of omens hidden in the world itself. What do these sights and things mean? Is it real? Or fictitious? Is it a prophecy? Or an ongoing future?

  13. BROKEN POTATO / 坏掉的土豆 07:03
  14. China 2021
    Directed by: Water
    Screenplay: Water
    Animation: Water
    Music: Yihang Bao
    Production/School: China Academy of Art
    Dialogue language: English
    Subtitles language: 英语

    The evil director is catching up with the speed of the world,using dense images and fast-moving stories
    Water's testimony, which has been made public for the first time, is that people are free to make their own choices about everything.
    if I were a viewer, I'd be watching.
    If I were a consumer, I would buy products related to the hole.
    If I were a businessman, I would also take shortcuts.
    If I'm a journalist, I'll also make a fuss.
    If I were a director, I would make a film out of it.

  15. ILLUMINATED 06:26
  16. Croatia 2021
    Directed by: Morana Marija Vulić
    Screenplay: Morana Marija Vulić
    Animation: Morana Marija Vulić
    Technique: 2D digital animation
    Music: Morana Marija Vulić
    Production/School: Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb
    Dialogue language: No Dialogue
    Subtitles language: /

    Anthropomorphic robot-lamp lives in a world populated only by the humanoid electronic beings. By accident, he finds himself in an awkward situation when he falls into the heart of a secret organization, now blind without his eye-lightbulb. He soon discovers that the organization uses bodies of beings similar to him to create energy that powers the rest of the city. Barely surviving the ordeal, the protagonist is pardoned by the head of the organization and sent back to the surface where he would never be able to tell his story since - living through it while blind - he never really experienced it.

  17. DREAM JOURNAL 04:00
  18. Netherlands 2022
    Directed by: Louie Jouban
    Screenplay: Louie Jouban
    Animation: Louie Jouban
    Technique: Digital 2D animation
    Music: Muhammad Bazz
    Production/School: AKV. St.Joost
    Dialogue language: English
    Subtitles language: silent film

    Dream Journal is an animated short about the life of an immigrant and his fight against displacement, trauma, and social anxiety. It is an allegory of what it feels like to be someone who has lost everything and is continually haunted by experiences from his past life. It makes sense to talk of this now having been in the same situation, Louie contributes to the debate on migration struggles and describes it to anyone who is interested or wants to understand the human story of lives lived in distressed areas and the effects it has on your mind and body.