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A JAR OF HOPE / Langit-Langit Toples Kaca

Indonesia 2021
Duration: 07:54
Directed by: Jason Tirtanegara
Screenplay: Diana Tanamas
Animation: Jason Tirtanegara, Diana Tanamas, Kenen Andrian, Regina Sapurta
Technique: Digital 3D Animation
Production/School: Multimedia Nusantara University
Dialogue language: Indonesian
Subtitles language: English and Indonesian

Yana got engaged with Adrian at an early age because of financial difficulties in her family. The couple had a female baby called Anya. Even when Yana has become a young mother, Yana still preserves the dream she held so dearly: to continue her study at school. She secretly earns some money by selling her handmade woven bags. She saves the money inside a glass jar which she hides behind a mirror inside her room. Her dream of continuing education manifests itself as a mirror reflection; herself wearing a school uniform.  One day, Anya gets sick overnight. In the morning, Yana braves herself and asks Adrian for Anya’s medication. Adrian refuses to pay for Anya’s treatment. Accidentally, a coin falls from Anya’s hand and rolls on the floor, approaching the mirror. Adrian finds out about the glass jar behind the mirror. He becomes enraged and abuses Yana for secretly saving money for herself.  An injured Yana sits hopelessly in silence. She begins to doubt herself for not using her money to save Anya. She reminisces about her past and faces an internal clash between her dream and her love for Anya. Finally, she decides to use her hard-earned money to treat Anya’s sickness.