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Netherlands 2022
Duration: 04:00
Directed by: Louie Jouban
Screenplay: Louie Jouban
Animation: Louie Jouban
Technique: Digital 2D animation
Music: Muhammad Bazz
Production/School: AKV. St.Joost
Dialogue language: English
Subtitles language: silent film

Dream Journal is an animated short about the life of an immigrant and his fight against displacement, trauma, and social anxiety. It is an allegory of what it feels like to be someone who has lost everything and is continually haunted by experiences from his past life. It makes sense to talk of this now having been in the same situation, Louie contributes to the debate on migration struggles and describes it to anyone who is interested or wants to understand the human story of lives lived in distressed areas and the effects it has on your mind and body.