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Out of the Bag

United States of America 2023
Duration: 03:13
Directed by: Ashley Ayeri, Weigeyuan Margaret Chen, Nick Tardiff
Screenplay: Ashley Ayeri, Weigeyuan Margaret Chen, Nick Tardiff
Animation: Ashley Ayeri, Weigeyuan Margaret Chen, Nick Tardiff
Technique: 3D Animation, Autodesk Maya
Music: Funny Ears Production
Production/School: Ringling College of Art + Design
Dialogue language: English
Subtitles language: English

Bank robber Roy runs out of a bank vault where a getaway van is waiting for him, operated by his girlfriend Roxie. While he loads the van, a stray cat sneaks in their bags, mesmerized by the papr bill floating through air. The two criminals prematurely celebrate when suddenly they see the stray cat calling 911. Sheriff McDaniels and his squad pull up to the scene and spark a chase. The cat seems to put an end to all of Roxie and Roy’s plans to get the police off their tail. Amidst all the chaos, the cat ends up in the front, gearing the car to drive off a cliff. The robbers and the cat land in a prison yard, where it is revealed that the cat is actually a member of the police force. The cat explains how he derailed their perfect getaway, leaving Roxie in shock. In the end, the cat walks away with style and the prison gate locks up behind him. The film ends with the silhouettes of the cat and the sheriff walking into the sunset.