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The List / เดอะ ลิสต์

Thailand 2023
Duration: 05:17
Directed by: Sirapatsorn Chiwkha
Dialogue language: No Dialogue

Somjeed, a young girl in elementary school wakes up every morning eager to watch her favorite cartoons. One day, while her mother is out shopping for groceries, she notices that Somjeed has been glued to the TV for too long and decides to trick her into going outside for a walk. Her plan is to send Somjeed to the nearby supermarket to buy some items on the shopping list. As Somjeed embarks on her mission to buy everything on the list, she faces her first challenge: a stubborn stain on the list that she can't read. After managing to clean it up, Somjeed faces another obstacle - the temptation to buy things that aren't on the list. With determination, she sets out to complete the list and fulfill her mission.