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Brazil 2022
Duration: 06:00
Directed by: Luiza Pugliesi Villaça
Screenplay: Luiza Pugliesi Villaça
Animation: Mariana Tartaroti Shishito
Technique: Rotoscopia
Music: Pedro Fonseca
Production/School: Laura Orefice Folkmann, Luana Carlquist
Dialogue language: No Dialogue
Subtitles language: No Dialogues

Cadim tells the story of Seu Zé, a man who is looking for a land for his livelihood followed by Chico, a bird trapped in a fragile cage. He manages to grow an orchard and build a hut to shelter himself by setting on a healthy land free from landowners, unlike the many he passed through. One day, a fuit falls into the cage and breaks it, allowing Chico to escape, which doesn't fly very far because it is shot in it's paw. The shots came from farmers who were trying to expel Seu Zé. He manages to escape with the cage, but not noticing Chico's absence. He breaks down in tears lamenting his situation after fleeing the men. He takes an old torn family photo, in which he sees his wife and daughter, with Chico leaning on her arm. Once he notices the animal's absence, he goes on a search for the bird. He runs back and finds it lying on the road. With a makeshift bandage, the bird is able to heal itself enough to fly out of the broken cage. Seu Zé prepares to say goodbye, since the cage can no longer be useful. When the flight finally takes place, Chico ends up returning to the man, but now flying free besides him.