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Bubby and Son

United States of America 2023
Duration: 02:22
Directed by: Gwenaelle Du-Thumm
Screenplay: Gwenaelle Du-Thumm
Animation: Gwenaelle Du-Thumm
Technique: 3D Animation
Music: Bryce Gray
Production/School: Pratt Institute (Brooklyn, NYC, USA)
Dialogue language: N/A
Subtitles language: N/A

A frog named Bubby and his tadpole son live in an abandoned watering can. Bubby’s son is kept in a glass jar so that Bubby can easily tend to him. One day an old woman rediscovers her watering can, and transports the watering can over to a nearby lily pond, dumping out Bubby and his son. They’ve lost their home, but the tadpole is now free to swim outside the bounds of his jar, and Bubby realizes that this incident is a good thing after all.