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India 2022
Duration: 01:31
Directed by: Deepak Milind Pendam
Dialogue language: Marathi

Anxiety resides within every individual to some extent. While it may be a normal and temporary experience for some, others endure its severe and persistent effects, eventually impacting their mental and physical well-being. The purpose of creating this film is to depict the audience the detrimental consequences of anxiety and its profound influence on one's life. Each person possesses a unique trigger point to combat this state, as it varies for everyone. Personal encounters have motivated me to develop something that can effectively convey the internal and mental struggles I faced, as well as the challenges I encountered while trying to overcome and coexist with anxiety. One particular incident compelled me to embark on this filmmaking journey. It was an incident that completely transformed my life. During my school days, I was unexpectedly called upon by a professor to deliver a speech on stage. I hadn't prepared for it, and unfortunately, I found myself unable to deliver the speech. The entire class and my friends burst into laughter that day. However, the true challenge emerged in the aftermath of that incident. People began to ignore me, and my friends started bullying me. Various unpleasant incidents unfolded, with some individuals even making derogatory remarks about my caste. Subsequently, the repercussions of that event took a toll on my mental health. My confidence plummeted, and I found myself unable to articulate my ideas or thoughts in front of a group. This inability had a significant impact on my academic performance, and regrettably, its effects persist to this day. In my quest to conquer these internal anxiety issues, I embarked on a transformative journey through live painting performances. Engaging in these performances played a pivotal role in helping me overcome my anxiety state.