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Object of Life

Australia 2022
Duration: 03:00
Directed by: Jack James Parry
Screenplay: Jack James Parry
Animation: Jack James Parry
Technique: Jack James Parry
Music: Jack James Parry
Production/School: Deakin University
Dialogue language: No Dialogue
Subtitles language: No Dialogue

Don't let the OBJECTS of your life become... the OBJECT of your life! The Object of Life is a playful story about the perils of accumulating objects. Do we possess them - or do they possess us? Its an uphill battle… but where is all going? Jack Parry - Director Winner - Best Animation - Suncine Environmental Film Festival Winner - Best Animation - San Sebastian Short Film Festival Winner - Bronze Award - Short Animaton - Australian Effects and Animation Festival Winner - Best Animation - One Earth Awards Winner - Best Animation - Poppy Film Festival Winner - Best Animation - Moscow International Film Festival