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Pitcher of You

Ireland 2023
Duration: 09:30
Directed by: Coireall Kent
Screenplay: Coireall Kent
Animation: Coireall Kent
Technique: 2D Digital Traditional Animation
Music: Coireall Kent, The Fógues, Romie
Production/School: Limerick School of Art and Design, Technological University of the Shannon: Midwest.
Dialogue language: English
Subtitles language: -

"Pitcher of You" follows the story of urban-hermit Mag, whose soon-to-close family pub is attacked by a vengeful familial Ghost. Mag must reckon with both imminent supernatural possession, and the now broken informal pact that she made to her late father, to walk in his footsteps and become the family's next publican. Featuring Voices: - Jess Bertrand (Voice of Mag) - Dean Carey (Voice of Ghost) - Éamonn Kent (Voice of Mag's Father) - Coireall Kent (Additional Voices) Music: - Coireall Kent (Original Theme) - The Fógues (Song: "Long Nights in Pokey Places", music and lyrics composed by Ted O'Brien, produced by Séamus Hennessey, performed by The Fógues) - Romie (Song: "An Die Nacht", from the album "Trust in the You of Now", released on CHAOS, a label of Bauer Studios GmbH.)