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The Truth Within

United States of America 2022
Duration: 03:10
Directed by: Gaby Soto, Juan Rincon
Screenplay: Gaby Soto, Juan Rincon
Animation: Gaby Soto, Juan Rincon
Technique: Gaby Soto, Juan Rincon
Music: Zach Heyde
Production/School: Ringling College of Art & Design
Dialogue language: English
Subtitles language: English

In a Make-a-Bear Store, a hard-boiled teddy bear detective is alerted by his lover Lana of a dead body that has been found. Upon arriving at the crime scene the doctor gives him the details of the crime. The victim is Dentina, a dental bear who’s heart is missing. The detective also finds a clue that leads him to the clearance section. On the clearance shelf the detective finds Dentina’s old box. Behind it he finds a secret back room where Dentina spent her days in solitude. As he looks over onto the crime scene he deduces that she must have jumped from the highest place in the store: The stuffing machine. Upon arriving there, he finds the missing heart, when he turns it around he discovers it is Lana’s. Confused, he starts to deduce the truth about the crime when suddenly Lana appears behind him. As he starts to connect the dots “Lana” reveals that she is Dentina in Lana’s body. As Dentina holds the detective and threatens him with a dental floss stick, she narrates how she stole Lana’s body and disposed of her own. Before pushing the detective to his death through the roof of the stuffing machine, Dentina asks: “Any last words?”. The detective acts quickly and elbows her in the stomach. They then begin a tug of war over the floss stick which ends in an accidental stab to Dentina’s heart. After pulling it out, the Detective catches Lana’s body as Dentina’s heart falls into the stuffing machine. The detective then lays Lana’s body down and puts her heart back in hoping that will bring her back to life. After a few seconds of agonizing silence Lana wakes up. The detective reassures her and gives Lana a “welcome back” kiss.