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Elizabethan Theatre

Distinctions Student Animation

Greece 2023
Duration: 06:58
Directed by: Chrysoula Nikolopoulou
Screenplay: Written by 5th grade students (E1 class)
Animation: Shooted by 5th grade students (E1 class)
Technique: Stop Motion Animation
Music: Melodies intergrated from Filmora Video Editor
Production/School: 6th Intercultural Primary School of Eleftherio - Kordelio, Thessaloniki
Dialogue language: English
Subtitles language: English

This student creation entitled "Elizabethan Theatre" narrates the basic historical and social elements of the Elizabethan era, regarding the development of the theater of the same name in England. The time period it focuses on starts from 1562 until 1642, when the English Parliament banned all plays and sealed all theatrical stages for the following 18 years. This Short Film was created with the Stop Motion Animation technique by the students of E1 of the 6th Intercultural Primary School of Eleftherio - Kordelio in Thessaloniki. Students of the 6th grade also aided filming, while students of the 3rd, 5th and 6th grades contributed to the construction - collection of the sets used.