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Veggie Go Round

Malaysia 2023
Duration: 04:35
Directed by: Lee Hui Ning
Screenplay: Metta Soegiharto, Chau Chi Hang (Heads of Story)
Animation: Ardelia Tiffany Yoga (Lead Animator)
Technique: 3D Digital Animation; (Background) 2D Matte-Painting imported into 3D Scene
Music: Chase Theme Composed by hitamine; Royalty-free Music by The Green Orbs, Sir Cubworth, Slynk & Mr Stabalina
Production/School: Salad Bowl Studios, The One Academy
Dialogue language: English (No Dialogue)
Subtitles language: N/A

A picky young boy, upon seeing vegetables in his food, begins to imagine the veggies as live monsters set out to chase him. Veggie Go Round is a cute and funny action-packed animated short, merrily inspired by the universal childhood experience of growing up as a picky eater.