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The Sacred Spearman / 聖槍人

Hong Kong 2023
Duration: 08:49
Directed by: Tsun Ho Ng
Production/School: Hoi Yin Cheung, Ka Him Fok, Pak Yuen Ho, Ka Ho Yau, Hiu Tung Yip
Dialogue language: Chinese

One hundred years ago, on the day of a solar eclipse, Cerberus wreaked havoc on the world. At that time, a hero sealed its power with a sacred spear. On this day, mercenaries Jack and Horton received a mission to go to the temple to protect the sacred spear. At the temple gates, assassin Vesper and her pet dog Alf got into a conflict with the group. Jack was ambushed and knocked down, while Vesper accidentally paralyzed herself. Under the influence of the eclipse, Alf evolved into a muscular dog, knocked down Horton, and entered the temple. Inside the temple, the priest displayed the sacred spear and intended to use it to seal Cerberus again, but was unable to lift it due to insufficient strength. He resorted to his backup plan of using artillery to deal with Cerberus. Jack, Horton, and Vesper woke up and entered the temple. Inside, the priest and his acolytes had been defeated. The muscular dog broke the sacred spear and regained its power, transforming back into the legendary Cerberus. Jack and Horton fought and launched an attack, which was blocked by Vesper. Cerberus took this opportunity to knock the three of them away. The priest explained that there was still a chance to seal the power of Cerberus as long as it was defeated before the eclipse ended. The three of them decided to temporarily join forces. They used their strongest moves, but their weapons could not cause damage and broke. Cerberus counterattacked and knocked them down. Jack picked up the broken sacred spear beside him, lit it, and threw it at Cerberus. Cerberus avoided the sacred spear, causing it to hit the pillar behind it. Cerberus charged up and prepared to make a final strike against the group. The sacred spear that hit the pillar fell down and ignited the cannon below, causing it to launch. The cannonball broke the pillar, causing the temple to collapse. After the eclipse ended, the group found that Cerberus had been knocked down by debris and turned back into a pet dog. Jack was hailed as a hero.