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The Final Countdown

Israel 2022
Duration: 06:00
Directed by: Orr Amit, Aya Yohai
Screenplay: Aya Yohai, Orr Amit
Animation: Aya Yohai, Orr Amit
Technique: 2D Animation
Music: Aviv Fez Yeyni
Production/School: Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem
Dialogue language: Hebrew
Subtitles language: English

Israel is at war, again. Yahalom, a hard working soldier serving in The Kirya, is taken off to Dizingof Center by his energetic childhood friend Lidor, who has something to show him. Reluctantly, Yahalom finds himself dragged along with Lidor through the depths of the Center, and along the way remembers the shared experiences of their childhood, and the reasons he chose to leave. Was his choice, a normative life, the right one?