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Apocalypse Dog

France 2022
Duration: 07:25
Directed by: Aziliz Le Clainche, Camille Nasarre, Jing Qian, Juliette Barraux, Emma Plumey, Lucile Arnaud, Solène Cauchie
Screenplay: Aziliz Le Clainche
Animation: Camille Nasarre, Jing Qian, Solène Cauchie
Technique: 3D Computer
Music: Cyrille Marchesseau
Production/School: Supinfocom Rubika
Dialogue language: No Dialogue
Subtitles language: N/A

In a post-apocalyptic universe, Bob and his dog Pasha survive in a wasteland. They are hungry, thirsty and tired. When suddenly, they see a city in the distance!