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Mexico 2022
Duration: 04:34
Directed by: Sebastián Ramírez Ortíz, María Luz Dagnino Espinoza
Screenplay: Claudia Alejandra Rivera García, Paloma Caspeta Juárez
Animation: Frida Suárez Mobarak, Hilda Beatriz Carrillo Castillo,Claudia Alejandra Rivera García, Paloma Caspeta Juárez, Noa Garván Garza, Dana Yolanda Segura Cortez
Technique: 3D animation
Music: Allyson Nadime Barraza Quintero
Production/School: UDEM
Dialogue language: Spanish
Subtitles language: English

"Gustavo, a boy with a great passion for theater, prepares for his debut in the leading role of his school play. However, anxiety and stage fright attack a few minutes before starting. Will he be able to find the courage and inspiration necessary to face his fears?"