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Boat / 船

China 2022
Duration: 06:52
Directed by: Weiming Zhang, Jie Zhang, Zhe Chen, Xi Gong
Screenplay: Weiming Zhang, Jie Zhang, Zhe Chen, Xi Gong
Animation: Weiming Zhang Jie Zhang
Technique: Weiming Zhang
Music: Ziyi Wang
Production/School: Shengying of Ai
Dialogue language: No Dialogue
Subtitles language: Chinese English

The girl is eager to pursue the island of her dreams, but she can't catch up anyway. When I was down, I drifted to another island, where I saw the achievements of previous efforts and the starry sky, and understood that "no matter what the result is, as long as I try my best." After that, I will rejuvenate myself and chase the island in my heart again.