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Cage / 囚

China 2022
Duration: 10:54
Directed by: Max Chen, Jiaxing Lee, Raballt Dawn, Amanda Kim
Screenplay: Amanda Kim
Animation: Max Chen, Jiaxing Lee, Raballt Dawn, Amanda Kim
Technique: Max Chen, Jiaxing Lee, Raballt Dawn, Amanda Kim
Music: Jacob Zheng,Yue Zhang,Qiying Lee,Hazzery
Production/School: Shengying Ai
Dialogue language: Chinese/English
Subtitles language: Chinese/English

A young girl,a punk couple,a 35 years old ordinary white-collar Weihang Jian,all of them are eager to buy a house.It happened that a poet decided to sell his house at a low price,so the competitive relationship between these three groups of people for it produced.Even if the poet told him in poetry that the house itself is not such important, and even if he found that his reason for buying a house was the most empty comparing with others,he still chased away other competitors by any means under the anxiety and pressure.When he finally got the key to the house,he heard a news like a bolt from the blue :the house was listed as illegal and was about to be taken back,and the arch-criminal was his boss.At this moment,the boss couldn’t handle the harsh backlash of his wrongdoing and died suddenly.Weihang Jian was in a trance at the boss’ funeral.Looking at the neatly arranged tombstones,he just felt that they looked like cubicles,classrooms, sickbeds...and houses.It seems that people can’t escape from such boxes even until they die. Weihang Jian collapsed,he escaped from the cemetery,escaped from the city,tore his clothes,and finally he stood naked on the grass in the wild.At that moment,he felt relieved than ever.