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Two Monkeys in the Illusion / 洞天

1st Award Student Animation

China 2022
Duration: 04:54
Directed by: Li Wei
Screenplay: Li Wei
Animation: Li Wei
Technique: 2D Animation
Music: Hu Bingxu, Qiu Dacheng, Xu Xiaglin
Production/School: Beijing Film Academy, Animation School of Beijing Film Academy, Graduate School of Beijing Film Academy
Dialogue language: No

On the table is a blue and white porcelain vase with a picture of a peach tree and two monkeys sitting under the tree. Two monkeys were eating peaches under the peach tree, and there was only one peach left, so the two monkeys began to fight for the last peach. As the two monkeys fought more and more fiercely, the blue and white porcelain was gradually pushed to the edge of the table. , the two monkeys were trying to keep their balance when the peaches they were fighting over broke the balance and the porcelain was smashed to the ground.