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Dry Hand

Chile 2022
Duration: 07:32
Directed by: Isis Catrin
Screenplay: Isis Catrin
Animation: Isis Catrin, Tomás Morales Guerra, Miriam Naranjo, Ezequiel Pichincura
Technique: Rotoscopy
Music: Felipe Flores
Production/School: Isis Catrin
Dialogue language: No Dialogues
Subtitles language: No Dialogues

In an inhospitable and barren place in Santiago de Chile, a figure with the ability to create life rises from the earth, gradually creating vegetation. Her curiosity leads her to a ruined structure, when she enters and walks through the place, she comes across a small building that emerges from the ground. As time passes in place, the figure's powers dissipate. The burden of having lost the ability to create life and the chaotic setting full of buildings drive her away from the place. Upon managing to escape, the silhouette is buried in the place where it was born and became one with it. She is eventually reborn as a spirit of the place.