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Opening: 20-07-2017


22 sites, 22 improvisational Butoh compositions. During a long durational walk, the body will trace the ancient landscape of Delphi through the Butoh paradigm. Working in 22 particular sites, the body will dance the topos and will create 22 improvisational compositions with a particular emphasis on the use of poetic imagery and the possibilities of distilled movement and sculptural form. The work aims to communicate on a sensory level, not only to reveal that which is less tangible, non-linear, and visually arresting, but also to elucidate the ordinary and the accidental.

Fellow walkers are invited to work with the energy of each site, allow themselves to be moved, and create reflective textual, visual, and somatic documentation of their embodied experience of the journey of “22 stops”.   


Concept, Creation, Performance: Katerina Drakopoulou

Photography: Ioulia Ladogianni

Video: Tasos Papadopoulos

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