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Opening: 15-07-2017

SILENCIOS QUE SOBREVIVEN, Matilde Cánepa González, 51X2 cm. Madera gres. hojilla de cobre. Foto: Gonzalo Rodriguez



Alteridad - Collective work

by Matilde Cánepa González (Venezuela)


I propose that people have an experience with circular space, creating a kind of spiral opening. Visual metaphor, as cosmogonic origin of the planet and its constant relationships in interconnection. Explore in group the creation of an installation, with natural elements.

The workshops I am teaching are totally dynamic and experience using materials to a plastic and creative language, where each participant has an enriching process from the personal and in contact with the collective in empathic and constant relationship with the group. 


The proposal is of collective creation, of an installation, is directed to anyone who wants to explore from the creative and playful, the realization.


Note:I suggest that each person bring natural elements small pieces of wood, small stones, flowers.

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