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Opening: 21-07-2017 20:00

The Orators by C.P. Christophis (Scenery Lectern)


The Oratos by C.P. Christophis first presented at the Old University in Plaka with the Christos Tsagkas and Olga Tournaki directed by Christofer Christofis at summer of 1999.

This play, ironic drama, is in principle inspired by the biography of Plutarch for the orator Demosthenes, who was an advocate of Athenian democracy at a time when the influence of the Macedonians was growing dangerously in southern Greece...

The project develops in Poros in Greece where modern occasion one last work of disappear Menu dramatist two actors make a first rehearsal on the terrace of an island home. The main hosts them is a catalyst in the situations described where the present and past intermingle with the history of Greece through time.

A rehearsal in the summer... A scenery lectern.




Drama teaching: C.P. Christophis

Directed by Panagiotis Georgoulas

Music: Manolis Bloitos

Performers: Giannis Papathymnios, Yota Zerdeva Panagiotis Georgoulas

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