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Matilde Cánepa GONZÁLEZ Visual artist, Venezuela

Curriculum Vitae:


Matilde Cánepa González is a multidisciplinary plastic artist from Caracas (Venezuela) and she has a long history in the field of creative emotions, creative processes.

Talking about her work, their elements, their order on a surface, the material. Better say, she approached yet feel away immediately. She feel that access to it thanks to a lofty knowledge and contrary to the luminous and solar it may be, she goes to the labyrinth of emotions with Ariadne's thread. Map outlining signs, symbols, geography favoring another. Sometimes she is coming from a childhood stroke, or the graphics of tribal cultures, or the development of alphabets so playful recreation. One day, after then and continue to seek significances. From her human experience of going around her with other memories. Among circles totaled a sense of the world. Do not be the person of the caverns and liken both to her in this saying, to sublimate, in this perception finecular of now.

Presence of original forms to exist beyond a system and a speech. Continuity, private, intimate. Series looking at the animal, safeguard their rights of territoriality. No such council preserved from sedentary culture. Shamanic circles, spins matrístico, center, goddess, woman magician, witch, you offered up my limits and our creative infinity.


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