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Official Selection

PROTEO'S SECRET / El Secreto de Proteo

Argentina 2021
Duration: 17:30
Directed by: Leonel Del Piccolo, Cristian Varnelli
Screenplay: Cristian Varnelli - Leonel Del Piccolo
ANIMATION: Cristian Varnelli - Leonel Del Piccolo
Technique: 3D
MUSIC: Gonçal Perales
Production/School: Producer: Cristian Madoery - School EPCTV Rosario
Dialogue language: Spanish
Subtitles language: English

In a post-apocalyptic future, Proteo, a man with a mechanical prosthesis in place of an arm, will be questioned by Detective Norton to find out his involvement in a crime. Together, they will dig deep into the unexpected meeting with Newton, a young environmentalist, who has arrived in the forest where Proteo dwells attempting to defend it from deforestation.