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Official Selection


Hungary 2020
Duration: 04:42
Directed by: Viktória Varró
Screenplay: Viktória Varró
Animation: Szonja Eckert, Alexandra Gonda, Szilvia Kulcsár, Zsófia Osztós, Adél Palotás, Viktória Varró
Technique: 2D digital animation
Production/School: Budapest Metropolitan University
Dialogue language: No Dialogue

People are waiting on an endless corridor to pay for the movie of their lives. In these movies, they play the protagonists. The short animation builds on the idea of Plato’s Cave: is our perception an illusion? Where does life take place? People are waiting outside a corridor’s single room to pay in. People leaving the room look different than the ones waiting. The main character enters the room with mixed feelings. Plato’s room is an interactive cinema where the viewer is also the protagonist. The main character must overcome his exaggerated fears and accept himself as he is. The decision he makes at the end will change his life forever.