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Official Selection


Malaysia 2021
Duration: 03:00
Directed by: See Ek Chang
Animation: The Carnival of The Animal, Finale
Technique: frame by frame, 3D motion graphic
Music: The Carnival of The Animal, Finale
Production/School: The One Academy
Dialogue language: English

‘THE CARNIVAL of THE ANIMAL, FINALE’ is an solo installation that displayed 3 minutes long 2D and 3D animated classical orchestra animation titled ‘THE CARNIVAL of THE ANIMAL, FINALE’ written by Saint Sean in 1886, executed in projection mapping style. By using the concept of the original music piece, 11 creatures come together and perform the last piece of ‘The Carnival of The Animal’, which is finale. The whole installation was built by author himself by using cheap plank woods and mounting boards, then they were painted a coat of white paint so the projected content could be seen clearer. The whole installation plus animation content took around 7 months to complete.