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Official Selection


United Kingdom 2021
Duration: 03:49
Directed by: Grace Kozij and Jenny Laws
Animation: Jenny Laws and Grace Kozij
Technique: 2D digital animation
Music: Declan Long
Production/School: Jenny Laws
Dialogue language: English
Subtitles language: English

At the heart of a magical forest untouched by man lies an ancient powerful oak tree who, with help of the woodland nymph, Thalura, protects and heals all flora and fauna that resides within. One night, a devious satyr named Azrail threatens the balance of the forest by stealing and crushing the moonstone that the oak tree gains its protective powers from, allowing evil forces to invade the once peaceful land. Azrail fatally wounds Thalura, however there is hope as the oak tree summons its last morsels of power to heal her into her most basic spiritual form, a raven. Thalura promises that she will return the forest to its former glory by bringing home the power of the moonstone, no matter the cost...