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Official Selection

CNP - VISIT TO THE LACUNARY SPACE OF MEMORY / Vizită în spațiul lacunar al memoriei-CNP

Romania 2020
Duration: 04:21
Directed by: Constantin Adina
Screenplay: Adina Constantin
Animation: Adina Constantin
Technique: Stop-motion, 2D
Music: Ioana Șelaru
Production/School: University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Dialogue language: Romanian
Subtitles language: English

The project depicts the triggering of the affective memory starting from a drawing from childhood, from where the characters of the animation are inspired. The train journey is a pretext to recall family memories imbued with involuntary memory. The diffuse monosyllabic noise of the moving wagon determines the oscillation between dream and reality. Technically, the animation combines 2D sequences with stop-motion, in order to include the personal collection of train tickets, a list of activities, evidence of which exists, in an album suggestively titled: CNP (abbreviation for ID card). A-frame story where I try to visually illustrate who I was, am, and expect to become into an endless, dynamic and vibrant game.