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Official Selection

MENARCHE / Ménarche

France 2020
Duration: 05:00
Directed by: Alexane Richard, Pauline Herlin, Teresa Guarnido Flores, Adam Chahboun, Axelle Vaussier
Screenplay: Alexane Richard, Axelle Vaussier, Pauline Herlin, Adam Chahboun, Teresa Guarnido Flores
Animation: Axelle Vaussier, Pauline Herlin, Teresa Guarnido Flores
Technique: 2D/3D computer
Music: Adam Chahboun
Production/School: Ecole Georges Méliès
Dialogue language: French
Subtitles language: English

Arev breaks his tribe’s rules when he tries to rescue his sister in a place forbidden to him. There, he discovers the secret hidden by the customs of his village.