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Official Selection


China 2021
Duration: 05:33
Directed by: Shiyu Tang
Production/School: East China Normal University
Dialogue language: Chinese, English
Subtitles language: English

In recent years, Japanese office workers put forward a new word "social animal" for self mockery. Because they feel like animals at work, they are just being used as tools, repeating things that are not important day after day without soul. This is a thought-provoking thing. Why do we get emptiness and pressure from our hard work? Line 0 is an attempt to simulate human beings as various tools in life in the form of real person posing. It shows a very regular and boring way of work, just like an industrial production line, which leads a repetitive and monotonous life every day. Zero represents nothing, which can be compared to the psychological state of work, nothing, no sense of achievement and satisfaction. This sense of emptiness will eventually overwhelm us. Only after work is over can we get a little breathing space in our dreams and fantasies.