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Official Selection


China 2020
Duration: 06:15
Directed by: Zhao Zihui
Production/School: Ai Shengying

The little girl comes to a magical amusement park called "Hospland" , where the clown invites her to join him. At the amusement park, the little girl is forced by the clown to blow strange streamers and drink strange pills, even had a red liquid in a balloon strapped to his hand. The clown takes her to a strange circus. The little girl is invited to perform the magic show as a guest. She is transformed into a puppet on the stage, tied up, attacked with a knife, and even stuffed with cotton until she explodes, the joker steps up to stop it, but he misses the floor and falls into the abyss. Dad Woke up, see the bed of the daughter alive, and yearning for the outside world, the father made a decision, not to let the terminally ill daughter continue painful treatment. The two went to a real-life amusement park together, and the little girl went to heaven on a merry-go-round.